Welcome to Gold Crest Jewellery!

Welcome to Gold Crest Jewellery, your one stop destination for everything jewellery related!

Gold Crest Jewellery has been in business for thirty years. We strive on providing unmatched customer service, exquisite jewellery designs and products, and unparalleled prices.

Sahin Cancik, Gold Crest Jewellery’s owner, has been in the jewellery business for thirty years and has experience as a custom designer, hand work, settings, and repairs.

Aren Cancik is also extremely passionate when it comes to dealing with clients and their needs to make sure their requests are met. Aren always brings a smile to clients faces and ensures their experience at Gold Crest Jewellery is unforgettable.

Rose Cancik, an extremely knowledgable salesperson, has also been in the jewellery industry for over thirty years. Rose ensures that every single client feels at home, and brings a sense of warmth and trust to their experience at Gold Crest Jewellery.

During the thirty year span Gold Crest Jewellery has been in business, we have established an extensive client base which broadens our creativity. This results in prices that are not only extremely competitive to other high end retailers, but we also takes extreme caution in making sure the detail in the finished product is not compromised. So with every purchase, you will be guaranteed a masterpiece for life.

We come together to create a unique and dynamic team that will make your jewellery shopping experience not only pleasurable, but memorable as well!

4 thoughts on “Welcome to Gold Crest Jewellery!

  1. June 18, 2013

    I would like to thank Goldcrest Jewellers for their customer service on the selection on my mothers day gift I purchase from your store. I was also the happy winner of the diamond stud earings.

    I will be back soon.
    Thank you again,

    Margarita S

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